Values & Worship

British Values

At Stanwell Fields we celebrate that our children, their families, our staff and other partners are from a wide range of different backgrounds and we reflect British Values in all we do. Our British Values can be found here.

Our School Rule



Our Aims

Throughout the school, our work is based on principles which are shared by all staff. It is our belief that we should:

HomeSchool Values - Compassion.pdf HomeSchoolValues-FORGIVENESS.pdf Home School Values-Thankfulness.pdf Home School Values - Trust.pdf

Collective Worship Calendar

Stanwell Fields is a Christian school working together to give children the opportunities to aspire to be successful adults in the future.  We have a strong Christian ethos that people often say puts them as ease.  


Our Vision

To encourage and support thoughtful, happy and responsible children with a lifelong passion for learning within a Christian Community


Our Christian Values

Trust, Compassion, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Fellowship,  Truthfulness.

As we explore each of these values over the school year, we will add a home school values leaflet for you to further discuss and explore the value at home with your child. You will find this by clicking on the value below. A copy of this will be sent home with your child and you can pick up a copy in the school reception area. We hope your family will find these ideas helpful as you explore the values together and have fun!