Staff 2017-18


Staff member (with details of responsibilities)

Leadership Team


Mr Colin Franklyn

Standards, Teaching and Learning, Assessment,  Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Deborah Davis

Teaching and Learning, CPD, Child Protection and Safeguarding (Deputy DSL), NQT Assessor, CIC

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Gemma Leeks

Teaching and Learning, RE & Worship Lead

Inclusion Manager

Miss Julie Perry

SEND, EAL,  Pupil Premium, AG&T

Phase 1 Leader

Mrs Tanith Perry  

Early Years Lead, PSHE Lead

Phase 2 Leader

Miss Claire Stammer

 Years 1 -3 Lead, PE Lead

Phase 3 Leader

Mrs Tracy Brown

Years 4 – 6 Lead, Writing Lead, Associate Tutor for students

Teaching Team

Early Years Team

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Rachel Vaz (Maternity Leave)

Mrs O’Brien
(Maternity cover)


Nursery Nurse

Mrs Maria Small am

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Gabriella Cotton am

Reception Teachers

Mrs Tanith Perry

Dragonflies; Early Years Lead, PSHE Lead
Junior Leadership Team

Miss Shefali Sharma


Reception Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Joanne Tyler

Mrs Donna Dawson

Miss Sian Williams (1:1)

Phase 2 Team

Year 1 Teachers

Miss Tracey Fox

Hedgehogs; Geography Lead

Mrs Emily Adams

Squirrels:  History

Year 1 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Sharon Lovell am

Mrs Sarah Burrell-Draper am

Mrs Lesley Entwhistle (1:1)

Year 2 Teachers

Miss Claire Stammer

Badgers; Years 1 – 3 Lead, PE Lead

Miss Kimberley Pearce

Otters; Science Lead Educational Visits Lead

Year 2 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Alison Cain am

Mrs Kim Croft am

Year 3 Teachers

Miss Amy Wassell

Pumas; BLP Lead

Ms Zahra Ali


Year 3 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Abi Wharton am (due to go on Maternity leave)

Mrs Geetika Parma am

Mrs Teresa Jones am

Phase 3 Team

Year 4 Teachers

Mr Andrew Carpenter

Tigers; DT Lead

Ms Lydia Jacka


Miss Sarah Pross

Ocelots; Computing lead

Year 4 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Sandra Kleiner am

Mrs Sharon Lewis am

Mrs Jenny Chapman (1:1)

Mrs Alda de Souza Luiz (1:1)

Mrs Erika Deakins (1:1)

Mrs Sandy O’Neil (1:1)

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Jessica McVeigh

Falcons; Music Lead

Mrs Emily Yearsley (Maternity Leave)

Hawks; Art Lead

Ms Caroline Welch

Maths lead

Year 5 Learning Support Assistants

Ms Amy Barlow am

Miss Jo Pearson (1:1)

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Tracy Brown

Eagles; Years 4 – 6 Lead, Literacy Lead, Associate Tutor for students

Mrs Michelle Brown

Ospreys; Art lead

Miss Gemma Leeks (in class am)

Kites; Assistant Head, T&L Lead, RE & Worship lead

Year 6 Learning Support Assistants

Miss Jackie Hannington am

Mrs Sharon Bessell am

Mrs Sue Housden (1:1)

Interventions Team

Intervention Support

Mrs Sharon Bessell


pm only

Mrs Sharon Lovell

Wave 3/FFT, ELS

Mrs Alison Cain

First Class @Number

Mrs Sarah Burrell-Draper


Mrs Elaine Horton

Y3 Maths support am

Mrs Jackie Hannington

Success @ arithmetic

Mrs Sharon Lewis

Project X Code

Mrs Sandra Kleiner

Pyramid Club, Happy to be Me

Mrs Lesley Entwhistle

Pyramid Club, Happy to be Me

PPA/Management Time/NQT Cover

Higher Level teaching Assistant

Mrs Tracy Smith (4 days)

PPA/Management Time/NQT Cover in Reception to Y6

Higher Level teaching Assistant

Mrs Elaine Horton

PPA/ NQT Cover in Years R to 6

Higher Level teaching Assistant

Mrs Javaria Qazi (Maternity Leave)

PPA/Management Time/NQT Cover in Reception to Y6

Mrs Sandra Warrington (3 days maternity cover)

PPA/Management Time/NQT Cover in Reception to Y6

Non-Teaching Staff

School Business Manager

Miss Chloe Barlow

Finance,  Personnel, Premises

Mrs Luani Baird

Admissions, Data

Mrs Jan Coates

Pastoral Support, Attendance

Mrs Sarah Wicks

School Dinners, Office Assistant

(temporary contract)

Premises Manager

Home School Link Worker

Mrs Carol Leighton

Liaising with parents, parent courses, Child Protection & Safeguarding (Deputy DSL)

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Angela Williams

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Sharon Lovell

(all these staff are class based in the morning)

Mrs Sharon Lewis

Mrs Kim Croft

Mrs Teresa Jones

Mrs Abi Wharton

Mrs Alison Cain

Mrs Joanne Tyler

Mrs Donna Dawson

Mrs Maria Small

Mrs Sandra Kleiner

Miss Gabriella Cotton

Mrs Sarah Burrell-Draper

Miss Jackie Hannington

Mrs Sharon Bessell

1:1 support at lunchtime (1:1 in the mornings)

Ms Amy Barlow

Miss Jo Pearson

Miss Sian Williams

Mrs Sandy O’Neil

Mrs Lesley Entwhistle

Mrs Jenny Chapman

Mrs Erika Deakins

Mrs Sue Housden