Review of the Year 2017-2018


Congratulations - you did it again!! Once again we would like to thank you for your generosity. Through your donations of cakes, tombola and raffle we raised the massive amount of £698.22!!


On Sunday 15th October Stanwell Fields' JAC (Junior Achievement Certificate) Group went to Bedfont Lakes for an orienteering exercise as part of their Hobbies and Skills section. They had to follow their maps and navigate round the area and identify the letters on the numbered orienteering posts.


In Y1, we had a visit from Dinosaur Mike who explained to us all about fossils, dinosaurs and palaeontology. We learnt that the Ankylosaurus is an armoured herbivore whose stomach was the same length as eight children stood in a line. We also learnt that his brain was the size of our fist, that’s over 20 times smaller than ours in relation to their body! They moved very slowly and quietly and if they heard a Tyrannosaurus Rex they would freeze and then the T-Rex would just walk right on by. We discussed fossils and described them, deciding that they can be both heavy and light, they are hard and they are cold. We also learnt about Anomites. These are sea dwelling dinosaurs with ten tentacles, closely related to an octopus. Mike from Everything Dinosaurs was very impressed with the children's engagement that he included the days visit in his BLOG.


Well done Jacob in Year 6 who won a £50 voucher as a runner up in the Westfield Shopping Centre for his Christmas card design. There were entries of over several thousand!


Early years and KS1 were visited by reindeer. We learned about where reindeer live and why Rudolph has a red nose. Then we got to feed them, it was very exciting!

Fairytale Walk

For our Wow Day in Reception on Wednesday 10th January we went on a Fairy Tale walk to find all the missing Fairy Tales from our classrooms. We had to look carefully to see what the objects and pictures were and decide which stories they came from. Some were much easier than others!

We also all dressed up as our favourite Fairy Tale characters.


Year 5 have been studying the unit Pharaohs this half term. We have created many pieces of Egyptian Art including Canopic Jars, Cat Mummies, cartouche necklaces and prints of the gods. Many art techniques were used to create these pieces of work including printing, wax drawing, sketching, papier-mâché, painting and clay modelling. We have had a great time recreating these items.

We also all dressed up as our favourite Fairy Tale characters.


Year 1 had an unexpected visitor, aliens! We arrived at school to find a crashed, broken alien spaceship in one of the classrooms. After some thorough investigation we ensured it was safe and went about collecting samples of the debris left behind. We analysed the data and sent an email off to our resident brainiac, Professor Pong, to ask for his advice. We attempted to contact the aliens by sending out light beacons using circuits and creating secret messages in Morse code.

Thankfully, Professor Pong was able to locate the aliens and will be delivering the spaceship back to them so they can make their way home. Hooray!

We also all dressed up as our favourite Fairy Tale characters.

How does that building stay up?

Our topic in Nursery this half term was called 'How does that building stay up?'  During this half term the children explored the different materials we could see around our classroom and our homes and used our senses to describe them. We looked at different types of buildings in our local area including our own homes, the high street and other important and useful buildings. We talked about their shape and size and compared them to famous buildings around the world. During our family learning session the parents enjoyed drawing our nursery building with their child. We talked about the shapes we could see and the materials used to build our nursery. The children were then able to create a piece of artwork using a variety of different media. Some children  used junk modelling materials to create a 3D model of the nursery, while other children chose to  use lollipop sticks, paint or paper shapes to create an outline of the building. Lots of children were very creative and combined several different types of media to create their finished piece of art work. It was great fun!

We also all dressed up as our favourite Fairy Tale characters.

World Book Day

Although a little later than planned, we celebrated World Book Day this week! We had some amazing costumes from each class and children bought in a selection of their favourite books. It was brilliant to see so many children so excited by reading and recommending books to others. We also launched our 100 million minutes reading challenge! We are joining early years settings, schools, colleges, community groups, parents and carers across the UK in trying to read for a collective 100 million minutes. The campaign is run by the leading charity, Achievement for All, which works in partnership with schools and communities to improve outcomes for all children and young people. Throughout the month-long challenge, the children will need to log how many minutes they have read for each day on their bookmark. these will then be collected in and minutes logged online. We will be able to check our standings on the nationwide leader board and be inspired by the achievements of other schools. Prizes will be awarded to the schools or settings who achieve the highest average number of reading minutes per child or young person. Certificates will also be given to individuals who reach key reading targets during the challenge. So let's get reading! We also all dressed up as our favourite Fairy Tale characters.


As part of our topic " how many colours in a rainbow ?" Nursery enjoyed learning about the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky.  We looked at the colours and shapes he used in his paintings and then created our own art work in his style .

Spelthorne Music Festival

Stanwell Fields' School Choir took part in the 11th Spelthorne Music Festival, alongside twelve other school from the primary and secondary age range. They performed songs from musicals such as Annie, Wicked and Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat. They sang to an audience of around three hundred people over the course of two nights. Four of our pupils sang duets beautifully and all of our pupils did our school proud.