Review of the Year 2016-2017


On Thursday, Y6 took part in a STIXX challenge. Our brief was to make a 3D structure that 6 people could sit inside and we were only allowed to use canes made out of newspaper and cable ties.  To start with we had to plan our structure, thinking about nets of 3D shapes.  Afterr that, we folded 6 sheets of paper in a very specific way and then rolled these in to a cane shape. At this point, they were still very flimsy. We then glued the edge of the paper and put the whole thing in to a special machine. We had to wind a handle whilst lowering a bar. Once the bar was fully pushed down, we had to give the handle two more turns. Our canes were then ready to be assembled. We joined them together using plastic ties.  To build our 3D structure, we had to think about creating triangle shapes, this would ensure that the structure was stable. This is how the structure of Terminal 2 (and all buildings) was built. We had to show good collaboration and perseverance, especially when the making of the canes did not go so well.  We were on a tight timescale, which was just like an engineering job in real life. We all managed to build a successful structure! Finally, we learnt about jobs in engineering. All the children received an ice lolly and a commemorative medal, kindly donated by The Friends and Family of Stanwell Fields.


Year 4 had a visit from Chertsey Museum. They brought with them lots of Roman artefacts which we were able to explore to see what they told us about Roman life. Included was a Roman solider's helmet which we were all able to try on! We also explored what the Romans wrote on, wax tablets, and tried writing on them for ourselves- which was very difficult! Year 4 really enjoyed this visit and learnt lots more about Roman life.


On Wednesday 5th October, we had a Ghanaian harvest celebration! First we made Ghanaian masks, each one tells a story. Next we made a collage farm with equipment from Ghana. After that we tasted food. I loved most of it. My favourite part was when I ate mango and pineapple but I didn't like it when I tasted the spicy cassava crisps!


Year 3 had their wow day. The adults and children dressed up in Ancient Egyptian costume for the day and explored the ancient art of mummification. They wrote job adverts for embalmers and were even able to dress their friends up as a mummy in the tennis courts!

We all had lots of fun and worked together to make Pharaoh headdresses to take home.


Congratulations - you did it again!! Once again we would like to thank you for your generosity. It was wonderful to see so many parents support our Macmillan Coffee Morning this year. Through your donations of cakes, tombola and raffle we raised the massive amount of £649.39!!


Friday 13th January was Reception's Space Wow Day. The children came to school dressed in their space themed costumes and enjoyed talking about who or what they were supposed to be. They spent the day learning about their new topic on 'Space' and had great fun going on a space adventure and completing lots of challenges along the way.


As part of Year 2's sculpture topic, we looked at art by Andy Goldsworthy. We spent a cold but exciting afternoon, gathering natural materials to create our own land art sculptures.


Our school library is now fully furnished and ready to be used. We have an additional £5000 of books to add to our current collection. A huge thank you to members of the PTA who have spent several weeks cataloguing and organising the books for us.

Teddy Bears’ Party

To end our weekly topic on bears in stories the Nursery and Reception children took part in a teddy bears party on Friday 24th March hosted by Crazy Hazy. The children had such a fantastic time dancing and playing games with their teddies and really enjoyed themselves.

Lookout Discovery Centre

Reception visited The Lookout Discovery Centre and had a great time exploring all the different zones and learning all about 'Bugs and Beasties' in their lesson run by the centre.