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Literacy Curriculum

Bug Club

The phonics scheme that we use is Bug Club Phonics Bug and the main reading scheme is Oxford Reading Scheme.

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum please use the form on the 'Contact Us'  page.

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Y3 Autumn 1 Newsletter

Y4 Autumn 1 Newsletter

Y5 Autumn 1 Newsletter

Y6 Autumn 1 Newsletter

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Y3 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Y4 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Y5 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Y6 Autumn 2 Newsletter

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Y3  Curriculum Overview

Y4 Curriculum Overview

Y5 Curriculum Overview

Y6 Curriculum Overview

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Y3 Spring 1 Newsletter

Y5 Spring 1 Newsletter

Y6 Spring 1 Newsletter

Y4 Spring 1 Newsletter

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Y3 Spring 2 Newsletter

Y4 Spring 2 Newsletter

Y5 Spring 2 Newsletter

Y6 Spring 2 Newsletter

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Y3 Summer 1 Newsletter

Y4 Summer 1 Newsletter

Y5 Summer 1 Newsletter

Y6 Summer 1 Newsletter

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Y3 Summer 2 Newsletter

Y4 Summer 2 Newsletter

Y5 Summer 2 Newsletter

Y6 Summer 2 Newsletter