What is BLP all about?

Building Learning Power is an approach to learning based on developing learning muscles or skills that enable the learner to be active, independent and resilient.

Guy Claxton, the founder of BLP and Professor of Learning Sciences at the University of Winchester, provided a framework from which schools can base their work on BLP. This framework is known as the learning powered mind, pictured below.

The idea is that children have time to focus on and develop each of their learning muscles. Here at Stanwell Fields, we focus on one learning muscle each half term. This gives children time to get used to using the language of BLP and have the opportunity to apply it to everyday learning situations.

So far, the children have focussed on the following learning muscles:


Children at Stanwell Fields recognise that, at times, learning can be a struggle. Having developed this learning muscle in the Autumn Term, the children are now able to keep on trying, even when learning gets tough.  Giving up is not an option!


Another learning muscle developed in the Autumn term was the collaboration learning muscle. Children were given the opportunity to take part in team building activities during their BLP day and have learnt that by working together, everyone achieves more.  Children at Stanwell Fields know that they need to manage their feelings when working with others, and that everybody has the right to be heard.


We focussed on this learning muscle at the beginning of the Spring term this year. Children at Stanwell Fields know what distracts them and how to minimise distractions for themselves and for others. They are able to settle back to work quickly after an interruption.


The Spring term also saw the introduction of the Empathy and Listening learning muscle. Children focussed on what it means to be an active listener and practised showing others that they were listening by making eye contact, feeding back to partners and using body language to acknowledge what others had said.


This is the most recently introduced learning muscle. At Stanwell Fields we know that our learning can be flexible. Sometimes we need to monitor our learning or see how things go, for example during a new project in DT. At times, it is necessary to change our plans when things go wrong or when we have simply had a better idea. During our parent workshop, even parents had to revise their plans whilst having a go at the hands on activities!





What is BLP?

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