BLP - Building Learning Power

Meet our BLP characters

Each one has been designed by one of our pupils and they are displayed round the school.

Persevering Ant
designed by Josie in Year 6

Collaborative Penguin
designed by Annalease in Year 4

Guide Dog
designed by Reesy in Year 3

Revising Chameleon
designed by Luke in Year 6


What is BLP?

How will it help my child?

What can I do to help?


Use these links to find out what BLP is all about and help your child develop
BLP both skills at home and school

Planning Squirrel

= Success

Together, everyone achieves more

Manage your distractions and focus

Well done

Sometimes our plans need to change

Empathetic Elephant
designed by Sofia in Year 5

Don’t forget to plan!

What do you want to get out of your learning? What steps might you need
to take to make sure you
achieve your goals?

I can make informed choices about working on my own or with others.

Interdependence Bee
designed by Ryan in Reception

Questioning Cat
designed by Libby in Year 5

I am curious about things
and I often wonder why
and ask questions

Absorption - become engrossed in your learning

Noticing - look carefully and identify the details

Absorption Crocodile
designed by Lucy in Year 2

Noticing Meerkat
designed by Jonah in Year 4

Distilling Dolphin
designed by Rosie in Year 3

Look at what is being learned and pull out the essential features. Take those forward with you into your future learning!

Know yourself as a learner and how you learn best!

Meta Owl
designed by Casey in Yaer 2

Improve your learning by observing other people

Imitation Parrot